What kind of Bridge & hard money  Lending?

Transaction Types:

Purchase and rehab (value add)

New construction (multifamily, high end luxury spec homes, more)

refinance or cashout (do you have loan maturing or other problems causing the current loan needing to be paid off?

Typical Properties

Most Income Properties including:
Retail Shopping – strip center
Single tenant
Office – Medical Office
Senior Housing
Self storage
Mobile Home park

Loan Amounts


500,000 +Maximum loans : up to 15 million

Location :

Most top 50 metro areas


up to 70% on income producing types of property

most land 40 – 60% LTV (land and land developments)


Owner user  properties (most types)


Raw Land and Developed land (lot development, pad development, quick bridge hard money for acquisition ) ..;



vary from 7.5 to 14% – its really all about the project. We are not selling rate, we offering the best available solution for the sponsors situation. Our investors and borrowers typically understand the cost of capital for these unique commercial loan situations.

(pending size,complexity and overall deal strength) We fund with private syndications, non bank funds and some smaller Life Insurance funds.

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