So you found a deal? Whats the “story” ? Are you ready to pitch your great deal?

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What is acquisition cost?
What makes this a good buy? (Whats the ‘story”) ?
repair/development cost?

You sell for how much, how many?
who is your buyer?

how long will it take?

This is the “story” of the deal, I would use “art” of deal , but thats been used. ……

Maybe your refinancing? , Whats the “story” ? You either found us online or were referred to us by someone who knew you needed some alternative financing.
What makes this a good deal/loan/other but yet it may not be bankable with conventional methods…?

You are willing to pay a premium for financing (although considerably less than than a 50-50 partner) so what can you convey in short form (less than a page, prefer 1/2 page ) that tells your “story” about your deal.

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